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Hello lovely people!

It's been so long... Almost 2 months I think O.o *hides in shame*
I feel so terribly sorry, please forgive me :ashamed:

But well, so many things have been going on lately. Feels like my life has turned upside down. In a good way tho. I love the way it is now. 

So, halfway september, I started my studies of game design in university. So far it's all great and I have met some awesome people. Now I have some great friends and all people are soo nice ^^ I really think I made the right choice. 

And classes are great too! We have Game Art, which is like drawing and designing characters and environments and it's all awesome. And we learned to work with Photoshop. Gosh how I remember when starting with digital art and looking up how much photoshop cost I was like "Nuuuu I'll never have this". But now we got it for free in school teehee ^^ And apparently it isn't even all that good for drawing haha, so we'll get some specialised drawing programmes too :D

But my favorite subject has to be the 3d modelling *u* I've always wanted to properly know how to work with 3d programmes and having proper courses of Blender now is just awesome! I can't wait till the moment we learn how to make human models heehee ^^

And to make things even better, we also have a subject called Game Engines, which basically is the programming of games. But that isn't the best of it. For this subject, we also have to make a project through the year of redesigning and making an old arcade game. So I asked the teacher if I could remake the first Zelda game and he said I could! I'm so happy with this! Even in the first year I can already make a zelda fangame :happybounce:

Put shortly, this art school is awesome and my life has become so much better! ^^ 
But well I still feel sorry for being here so few times... It's just that I have a lot of work and projects to do for school and I want to do them as good as possible :)

Also, a few weeks back, I went to FACTS, my first con ever, and it was the best! :D I went there cosplaying as Vaati (cause I just adore Vaati) ^^ I saw a lot of Link cosplayers, someone cosplaying as Skullkid and a girl with a gorgeous Hilda cosplay. Not that many Zelda cosplayers tho... But there were sooo many Zelda goodies I couldn't believe it! It was just an overload of awesomeness :D And well, all the money I brought was gone when I left hehe XD
But now I finally have Hyrule Historia, which I have wanted for so long *u* And I also bought a foam Master Sword (the same one I later found for half the price >.>), a t-shirt with Skullkid and one with Toon Link, a mug of Zelda and a Twilight Princess pillow. It was so hard to choose of all the awesome stuff they had!
And I got to play Tri Force Heroes! :la: It was great! But hard. It's hard to communicate with the others in the game haha XD And they gave away free posters of Tri Force Heroes as well ^^

Ok, this is gonna be a long journal XD One more thing. Now that I'm studying quite far away from home (actually only a 30 minutes car drive), I also have to stay in a student's appartment. It's not always easy, having to do all by myself, like cooking and cleaning and just everything. It was quite difficult and scaring at first but it's become better now ^^

And it's my birthday today. Yay. But it's not that special. Meh. We went out to have dinner last night with family, but I didn't like the food haha XD Ah well I'm just very difficult when it comes to food. But apart from the food it was all fun :)

I think that was it. Great job if you made it through all this text :D
I just hope all of you great friends won't hate me after all this time of absence...

  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Twisted Eyes - Persuader
  • Watching: Sword Art Online
  • Playing: Hyrule Warriors
  • Eating: chips ^^


Link-of-the-twilight's Profile Picture
Hello ! =) :heart: :love: :hug: =D

My name's Link-of-the-Twilight, but you can call me Twi for short. I love drawing and writing. I do both traditional and digital art, but mostly digital lately. I also love playing the piano, but just songs I like and I don't read notes =)

Apart from drawing, I spent most my time writing. I love writing little fanfics, but I've also written a long story called the Order of the Star. But I don't post my stories here because my main language is dutch and no one here will understand. ^^

I love making new friends here so you can always talk to me :heart:

I'm also a huuuge fan of the Legend of Zelda. Zelda is like the world to me, as you can tell from the huge amount of fan art in my gallery heehee ^^
My favorite game is Skyward Sword, which I mostly love because of Ghirahim, who I love to death and more than anything else in the whole world <33

My favorite kind of music is Metal/Rock. I adore the bands RED, The Veer Union, Escape The Fate, Breaking Benjamin, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Disciple, and Three Days Grace. I also love modern Classic music like Two Steps From Hell and Audiomachine =)

My main language is Dutch, but I also speak English, French and a little bit of German, so feel free to talk to me in any of those languages ^^

I also love nature very very much. I can't stand when people destroy forests or trees or anything like that, it makes me feel like I want to cry... I also adore clouds for some odd reason. ^^ But I just love things in general, as if they have feelings too (I know I sound weird now haha)

I recently created a Fanfiction account to publish my stories ^^
You can see it here:…

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