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I was tagged by :iconskykly:

The rules:
1. You must posts these rules
2. Each person has to share 10 things about them
3. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged (DA notifies you whenever you're mentioned somewhere, so I won't do that)
6. Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. No tag-backs
9. You can't say that you don't do tags

10 things about me:

1. My favorite animals are chickens =D
2. I have about 10 stories but only very few of them are finished.
3. I can write with my eyes closed and I can mirror write XD
4. I'm scared in the dark. Though I prefer darkness over light lol.
5. I very rarely drink something else than water
6. I have a phobia for deep waters
7. My dreams take place in another world. The surroundings (My house, the school, ...) always are the same, but very different from reality. This proves to me dreams take place in another world where you go to when you sleep. Then what is REALITY? Maybe the dream world is the real reality and this life is just a dream hehe XD
8. I believe in Fate
9. I'm becoming paranoia O.O I hear things at night that no one else hears...
10. I'm working on an animation again, for the 4th time. Fingers crossed this one won't fail XD

1. If you could date any fandom character, who would it be?
Ghirahim!! <33
2. Favourite anime? (Movie or tv show!)
Death Note! It's the only anime I've watched so far. And oh, also the Zelda cartoon series =D
3. What is the last song you listened to?
Right now: Issues ~ Escape The Fate
4. For Zelda fans; which is the best game??? For non Zelda fans, just name your favourite video game.
Skyward Sword!! But it is hard to pick one, so I'll also mention my other favorites. I also love Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask, Spirit Tracks, A Link Between Worlds, Four Swords Adventures, and Hyrule Warriors (though this last one isn't a real complete Zelda game)
5. The best fanfic(s) you've ever read, ever. Maximum of three.
Difficult question... I've read alot of fanfictions and I love so many of them...  But if I have to pick 3...
- In Hatred We Join Hands (Skyward Sword ff)… (this one's really dark and depressing tho...)
- Figthing chances by OcarinaGreen (Skyward Sword ff) Fighting Chances - Prologue: Awakening (best GhiraFi story EVER!!)
- The Prince of Pandemonium (Skyward Sword related ff)…
I CAN'T PICK JUST THREEEE so here's some more XD
- Propane Nightmares (SS ff)… (Only just started reading this one)
- Water Thicker Than Blood (SS related ff)…
- Sick With Anger OR Something OfThe Like (SS ff)…
- He Returned To Him In Battle (SS ff)…
- Ghirahim's Tale: A Dark Legend (SS prequel)… (this one was never finished *sobs*)
- For The Want Of Some Batteries (SS oneshot)… (this seriously is the most funny thing I've ever read XD)
And there are so many more I could keep going on about this... Just check my FanFiction story favorites. There are 90 of them =D
6. DS or Wii?
Wiiiiii :la:
7. If you could be gifted with any element (ex: water, earth, wind, light, fire, etc...) which would it be?
Hmm... I think I'd go for fire =) Or water. But they're opposites heh XD
8. Do you prefer to write or draw?
NO! Not this question! This is the hardest question you could possibly ask me... >.<
It really depends from time to time and I love both so much I couldn't live without them. At the moment I'm back more into drawing, since I'm really stuck with my second book and think just everything I write is bad (da pressure when you know people are gonna read it *dies*) But I want to write again so bad!
And I think, if I have to choose one, it'd be writing. I'm not gonna continue in drawing later, too difficult to be good enough, but I'll try to become a writer. I want to publish my book. Really, all that's left for me to do is send it to the publisher... But I'm a bit scared they'll say it's bad...
9. Favourite character pairing?
GhiraFi! OTP forever! :heart: Just read my stories and you'll see hehe
10. ... Have you heard/do you know who Petch and Lonk are? SHIPS THEM SO HARD Haha if you don't, look them up on google and comment your reaction to them XD
Uhm... idk lol XD

Then I was also tagged by :iconsonicgirl582:

Her questions:
1. Do you play instruments/what instrument would you like to learn?
I play the piano, but only for fun, never took any classes for it. If I could choose another instrument, it'd be violin. I love violins, they're so beautiful :love:
2. What are your favourite colours?
Green and red =D
3. If you play Zelda, what species would you like to be?
Hmm... *makes a list of all species, then sees how many there actually are* There are so many I'd like to be! I love ancient robots, but I don't think being one would be all so nice. I also love kikwi's (they're so cute omg) so I might be a kikwi. But Minish would be cool as well... Or Parella... But Parella wouldn't fit for me since I don't like deep waters... I think I'd go for Kikwi or Minish =)
4. If you like Pokémon, which one is your favourite?
I love Pikachu ^^ And Serperior. But I don't know that much about pokemon, only from my friend BlueySerperior
5. Your favourite game?
Zeldaaa =D
6. Do you have any pets and what are they?
Well I have two cats, but they're not really ours. They used to live on the street. We also have 4 chickens, which I love alot too. And like a hundred of goldfish (if not many more) in the small pond in the garden. =)
7. Tea, Hot Chocolate, Coffee, or none of these?
Hot chocolate is the only one I drink XD But I only very rarely drink it because it makes my stomack hurt...
8. What was your best holiday and where did you go?
I think that would be the one in Ireland. Ireland is such a beautiful country! My parents want to buy a house there to go live there later. I might go with them even.
9. What would your superpower be if you could have one?
I would like to be able to teleport. Then I could go anywhere at any moment I wanted, could easily visit all of you friends who live so far away =D
10. Are you still alive after this tag? XD
I suppose I am XD

Then I was tagged again, by :iconz31dageek:

His questions:

1. Why did you join DA?
Because I wanted to show my (back then very bad) art to the world. And I loved this site because there was so many awesome fan art. I had never seen such a place before.
2. Who inspires you?
A lot of people here on DA. Too many to name XD
3. Mac or PC?
PC and iPad :)
4. What is your favorite video game?
(Third time again) ZELDA =D
5. Do/have you attend(ed) cons (Comic con, Dragoncon, ect.) and which one(s)?
Never been to one... Because I always thought Belgium didn't have such awesome things. But a few months ago I found out there actually is one! It exists! So I'll go there next year. Looking so much forward to it :la:
6. Are you into cosplay?
Not really... But I suppose I'll have to make something if I want to go to that con. I'm thinking of making a Majora's Mask and maybe something that looks a bit like Link's outfit.
7. Whats your favorite movie?
Lord of the rings. I loved that one so much. And I want to go see the Hobbit so bad. Never seen one of them, only the first one in French without subtitles so I didn't understand anything XD Reminds me there was a Hobbit marathon today in the movies... Wasn't allowed to go with exams stuff >.<
8. If you could go to another universe (video game, movie, ect.) which would it be?
Hyrule, of course!
9. If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?
Seems to be a popular question.
(Ok time for a random one)
10. If a spacetime rip opened in front of you (you have no idea where it go's) would you jump in?
Uhm... YES. Can't be much worse than this cursed world we live in now. I'd love to escape this world before it explodes because of humans abusing it. Planning to write a book about it in the future.

So I will tag people this time =D

My questions for you:

1. What's your favorite thing to draw/write about?
2. Which is your favorite mythological creature?
3. If you could go to any world you could possibly imagine, what would it be like there and what would be the first thing you do?
4. Do you think the dreams/nightmares you have at night take place in another world, connected to this one, and do you think dreams have any influence on reality?
5. Do you believe in ghosts?
6. Do you like videogame music? If so, which is your favorite one?
7. If you could choose to meet one person (both real people and non existent) who would it be?
8. What is your biggest fear?
9. Do you like to create original characters? If you do, do you put 'pieces of yourself' into them?
10. What is your favorite medium for art?

People I tag:
:iconsingyoursong13: :iconzeruda-gaijin: :iconthedragonlover95: :iconfirework615:
:iconksc0130: :iconblueyserperior: :iconthe-legend-of-smosh: :iconocarinagreen: :iconkatrina-b-s: :iconask--tailsdoll:
  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: silent Guardians - Hyrule Warriors
  • Reading: Zelda fanfics
  • Playing: Hyrule Warriors
  • Eating: Raclette cheese ^^


Link-of-the-twilight's Profile Picture
Hello ! =) :heart: :love: :hug: =D

My name's Link-of-the-Twilight, but you can call me Twi for short. I love drawing and writing. I do both traditional and digital art, but mostly digital lately. I also love playing the piano, but just songs I like and I don't read notes =)

Apart from drawing, I spent most my time writing. I love writing little fanfics, but I've also written a long story called the Order of the Star. But I don't post my stories here because my main language is dutch and no one here will understand. ^^

I love making new friends here so you can always talk to me :heart:

I'm also a huuuge fan of the Legend of Zelda. Zelda is like the world to me, as you can tell from the huge amount of fan art in my gallery heehee ^^
My favorite game is Skyward Sword, which I mostly love because of Ghirahim, who I love to death and more than anything else in the whole world <33

My favorite kind of music is Metal/Rock. I adore the bands RED, The Veer Union, Escape The Fate, Breaking Benjamin, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Disciple, and Three Days Grace. I also love modern Classic music like Two Steps From Hell and Audiomachine =)

My main language is Dutch, but I also speak English, French and a little bit of German, so feel free to talk to me in any of those languages ^^

I also love nature very very much. I can't stand when people destroy forests or trees or anything like that, it makes me feel like I want to cry... I also adore clouds for some odd reason. ^^ But I just love things in general, as if they have feelings too (I know I sound weird now haha)

I recently created a Fanfiction account to publish my stories ^^
You can see it here:…

:iconrainbowheartplz: My super awesome friends :iconrainbowheartplz:
:icondaemon-dance: :iconfallingdawnstar13: :iconsingyoursong13: :iconkidicarusangel: :iconthe-legend-of-smosh: :iconmikutokory: :iconsonicgirl582: :iconblueyserperior: :iconkatrina-b-s: :icon4everlostneverfound: :iconksc0130: :iconloz-lola123: :iconwolframia: :iconfiwithasmile: :iconjellopixel: :iconocarinagreen: :iconskykly: :iconmiyanechan: :iconspiritleaf7: :iconkariheart0130: :iconask--tailsdoll: :iconbarnowlgurl23: :iconask-darklinktwilight: :iconzeruda-gaijin: :iconpurplepanic13: :iconthedragonlover95: :iconca-pe: :iconfirework615:

My real life BEST friend :iconglompsomethingplz::iconcode-37::iconlemmeglompyou2plz:

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Which Zelda Character Are You?
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I actually feel alot better already, thinking about making another big animation project soon ^^
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